A New Way of Thinking

In forming my Cinematic Inquiry Prezi presentation, I found myself making connections and forming a network of ideas different than how I usually do for a research project. As a psychology major, most of my papers consist of researching certain articles to support or reject a specific hypothesis (usually to support it). This is a difficult way of researching in that instead of being able to form an argument based on what I find, I have to find data based on my argument. This technique of research was definitely a more satisfying way of creating my argument for Being John Malkovich. I chose to explore several theorists that we have examined in class, and based on what I found, I chose which theories to use to analyze the main themes of the film. I explored the Internet as well as different pieces of material that we’ve read in class. Upon gathering information about theories of Freud and Jung, as well as Sartre, I was able to decide how I could connect these to the film and be able to analyze the film with the information that I had found.

Prezi was also an interesting tool to use in forming my research-based argument. It allowed me to display my ideas in an abstract, visual way, which I am not used to. Throughout my education, I have only been taught to display my ideas or arguments in a linear structure- paragraph/essay form. Because I have been stuck writing essays and papers my whole life, using Prezi was quite an adventure for me. It was almost difficult for me to network my ideas based on the flow of my thoughts and ideas, since I have been trained to display them so linearly in the past. As you can see in my Prezi, the flow of ideas is still very linear, rather than an abstract flow of thought; 3 distinct lines of connecting of ideas of Freud, Jung, and Sartre. This way of thinking and presenting information is very new to me.  After doing this project, I am excited and motivated to try to think and display my thoughts in a less-linear fashion, specifically for the final project.


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