Dream On: Teeth and Toads

Dream: I was looking in the bathroom mirror and noticed that one of my teeth felt loose. I opened my mouth and saw that one of my back molars was hanging have way off my gum. I started freaking out because it was about to fall out, so I quickly decided to call the dentist. In my dream it was a Saturday, so I was hoping I could get through to the ‘emergency dentist line’ that was available on weekends. I stepped into my backyard to make the call to find that my backyard was covered in huge exotic toads from all around the world. I guess a plant that my family had planted in the backyard recently attracted very large toads, about the size of dogs. I started screaming because one of the toads that was so big and human-like started leaping in my direction. I immediately turned around to go inside but there was a toad on the doorknob of the door and didn’t want to touch it so I was stuck outside. In the meantime, I had left a voice-mail of myself screaming about the toads on the ‘emergency dentist line’. And then I woke up.

This is not a consistent dream.

I believe that the beginning of the dream in which my tooth is falling out may symbolize growing up and getting older. My birthday is this weekend and perhaps I have an underlying fear of getting older and not being a child/teen anymore. Teeth are also said to symbolize friends, relatives; loved ones. I have recently lost two very close loved ones in my life and have a fear of losing another loved one soon. The loss of this permanent tooth may illustrate my repressed and denied sense of fear that I am going to lose this person sometime in the near future. According to Freud and Jung, teeth are a phallic symbol and dreams about teeth are ‘masturbation dreams’. I think Freud and Jung were a bit crazy, however, so I do not agree with that analysis. (I respect them for their contribution to the foundation of psychology but I think they were nuts).

Moving on to the toads in my backyard. Backyards are said to represent a location of secrets and underlying feelings, which is where the second half of the dream takes place. Frogs/toads are said to represent a kind of emotional challenge with a partner as seen through the tale of ‘Princess and the Frog’. It is possible I have underlying stress with a partner, which resides in the place where I keep my secrets and things that I do not tell many people. Being locked into my backyard and being scared may signify my fear to face that challenge and being forced to deal with it. The voice-mail I left for the dentist office by accident may represent telling someone about this challenge or fear by mistake, without wanting to disclose it to someone else.


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