Why I Write

I write because I am told to. Mostly by teachers, maybe the occasional shrink. I do not write for enjoyment, nor do I like to when I have to for a class due to my permanent writers block. I am not a good writer; I have great difficulty making my thoughts flow in the form of words, sentences, paragraphs on paper. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, I am mathematical, and think scientifically. My mind works to perfect each sentence, rather than letting my thoughts flow onto the page freely like a true artist or writer. Thus, writing classes are not my forte.

I have attempted to keep journals or diaries in the past, but putting my thoughts down on paper is more stressful than stress relieving. This might be caused by the strict teachers I’ve had growing up that have taught me specific writing structures to follow. I was never taught to write creatively or for fun or to get my thoughts down on a page. I am completely lost outside of the typical MLA, APA, or 5-paragraph essay style, because I have never been taught otherwise. I believe this class will help expand my writing style and allow me to write more freely and creatively than I do now.

I write the facts. As a psychology major, I write mostly research papers and nothing else. I summarize the facts of previous research studies in the psychology field, rarely incorporating my thoughts and opinions. My papers consist of only 3rd person perspective, only a transmission of facts from one paper to another. My papers are always in the form of; introduction, several paragraphs, and a conclusion. Because that is what I am so accustomed to, writing creatively is not easy for me. I am excited to learn more about writing from my mind and how to write more naturally and less because I am forced to.


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